Antara is a water-based emulsion that modifies the visual appearance of industrial applications products from clear to opaque without affecting the other desired properties of the formula. Antara opacifiers give whiteness and density at significant low levels (from 0.1 to 1.0 percent as supplied) with excellent formulation stability.Antara is slowly added to the base product under agitation at the end of the manufacturing cycle (i.e., after final adjustment). A stability control is recommended.

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INCI Name: Polystyrene

Function: Opacifier

Benefit Claims: Creamy Texture, Compatibility, Opacifying, Improved Whiteness, Acidic pH Stable, Densifying Effect, Rich Feel, Formula Stability, Brightening

Cationic acrylamide-based

Thickening agent for acid aqueous compositions and in particular domestic detergents and laundry softeners.

The product is a white creamy water-in-oil emulsion typically used at a concentration range between 0.1%and 5.0% in fabric softener compositions.

Before to any pumping or homogenization processes it is advised to clean all equipment used.

Sodium Polyacrylate (polymer)

Sodium Polyacrylate (polymer)


High-quality liquid viscosity raiser. It is used in a very small percentage to give a very high-viscosity liquid that is added directly to the product without any prior process